john davisson

I started my aviation career as a flight instructor and A&P mechanic while finishing my degree in aviation transportation and later a degree in psychology. From there, I was lucky enough to fly for an airline for 6-years, five of which was as a check airman on the B727. That experience taught me standardization and professionalism. From there I moved over to corporate aviation and flew the chairman of a major company for the next 14 years. That provided extensive international experience as well as teaching me how to wear 5 hats at the same time. For the past 17 years, I've been working with hundreds of corporate flight departments of all shapes and sizes, enjoying every minute of it


Safety Management Systems (ICAO, FAA, OHSAS)

Airport SMS Implementation Plans

IS-BAO support Programs

Advanced SMS Credential

Managed SMS & ISBAO programs

Independent Aviation Safety Evaluations (IASE)

Compliance assessments

Safety training programs

SMS initial and recurrent training

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When I started my business in early 2004, I knew that safety management systems were about to be mandated for all ICAO member states and that the FAA would eventually move towards regulation. I had plenty of flight and maintenance operations experience and as a check airman at the airline, I received plenty of safety management training, but the SMS was new to aviation and nobody, including the regulators, had a clue how to adopt it for flight and maintenance operations. 

I took my flight and maintenance experience and partnered with a company that specialized in SMS, QMS and EMS for industry and learned everything I could from the real SMS experts. In those early days, the SMS framework proposed by ICAO and the FAA was identical to the British Standard Institute's (BSI) SMS standard that industry had been using for years, so adopting the program for aviation was a snap. 

When ICAO issued their SMS mandate in 2006, my phone started ringing and didn't stop for the next 10 years. I've worked with literally hundreds of flight departments of all shapes and sizes, maintenance facilities and airports to plan, implement and manage the SMS to meet the FAA/ICAO standard, but more importantly, to assist operators achieve the goal of continuous improvement.

Today, I spend most of my time handling the administrative, training and auditing side of SMS for some of the finest flight departments in the world, many have been with me since 2006, which tells me I must be providing real value and benefit to their organizations. Those partnerships have endured because I love what I do and it shows in the level of support I provide.

Ron Fleming

Ron is a true SMS expert and has more than 30 years of safety, quality and environmental management system experience. In addition to those skills, he also is an OSHA expert and can provide site inspections on request. His knowledge of the technical side of SMS is remarkable. He holds a Masters degree in Safety.

Valerie Davisson

Val develops manuals, training material and manages the office. Her 25 years of training experience means our students get the very best SMS education available. She holds a Masters degree in Education and Anthropology. 

Mack Davisson

Mack's expertise is in project management and implementation planning. He has years of experience in putting together and completing complex implementation projects that require advanced organizational skills. He holds a BA in Film Studies.

As you can see, SMSAviation is a family business, which means we take great pride in the work we do. Let us know what we can do to customize and simplify your SMS needs and chances are good we can provide it to you at a fraction of the cost you might expect and in a time frame measured in days, not years.

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