The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) provides small to medium sized operators a complete SMS  administrative support service that is like having a full time safety officer on your staff. We provide you with a one page form (paper and digital) that records all of the safety data points necessary to generate reports and monitor trends so you can fully benefit from a proactive and predictive SMS. The simple form collects all of the data recommended by ICAO and ensures you are getting the most from your safety management program.

  • In addition to the administrative support you receive, operators receive concise safety bulletins each month to ensure your team chips away at the inevitable complacency that occurs in high performing flight departments.

  • The final piece of this program includes an annual onsite safety evaluation and SMS Tune-up program that raises performance, improves morale and validates your conformity to the SMS standard.

The CMP includes the audit, administrative support, monthly safety training bulletins and 24/7 phone support. Designed specifically for small to medium sized flight departments who want to take full advantage of the possibilities of a robust safety program, but lack the staffing resources.

The Collaborative Management Program has been successfully supporting Part 91 and 135 operators for nearly a decade now with great results. For small to medium sized operators this program is an effective and affordable option to hiring a full time safety manager. Call or email us today for a detailed program description.