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​For operators with personnel constraints, this program acts as a full-time safety officer confirming your SMS is being fully documented and effectively managed, while ensuring conformity to the standard. Reports, trend monitoring and training, as well as other administrative functions are accomplished, which frees up your time to focus on the business of flying.

The program is robust and includes an annual safety evaluation that uses industry best practices and other standards to ensure you are fully benefiting and complying with your SMS. The program includes the following services:

  • ​Monthly safety training bulletins
  • Applicable forms, reports and documentation
  • Specific FOQA data is collected and analyzed, (submitted on a one page form we provide)
  • Quarterly internal audit protocols and checklist are provided and reviewed upon completion
  • ARP management is available for operators who request it
  • Schedule quarterly safety committee meetings that provide itenarary and documentation
  • An annual Confirmation of Conformity declaration is provided
  • SMS manuals, ARP, COM are each updated annually or as needed
  • 24/7 SMS support services

The reporting process has been simplified and is completed online or via text. (The typical time it takes to complete the FRAT form is 90 seconds). Once I receive the document, I review it and retain it for future reference. The entire process is documented with recommendations and applicable reports completed within 48  hours. While the program does eliminate the time-consuming aspects of report writing and other documentation, operators are still responsible for submitting observations and events on the one page form I provide or by calling or emailing me. Some of the forms I  generate and document are:

  • Corrective Action Request 
  • Information Report
  • Irregularity Reports
  • Near Miss Reports
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Deviation from SOP Report
  • FOQA Trend Monitoring Reports
  • ASAP Reports

Most part 91 departments are very hesitant to involve the owner or corporate HR departments when internal personnel and other issues occur. I have found that much of my time is devoted to facilitating and building teams through a process that looks more like marriage counseling than anything else. It has been extremely effective and has saved more than one flight department from being disbanded. That service is part of the CMP.

As part of the CMP, you receive SMS training that ensures you understand the program and I will provide your designated onsite SMS Manager with additional training. Once your team has put me on their speed dial, your documentation and support begins immediately. Simple and effective way to manage your program.