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sms implementation programs

The SMS planning phase is critical and will determine the success or failure of the project. Operators who pursue self-implementation using existing personnel will especially need experienced guidance during the planning phase. For that group, we provide a detailed implementation plan that will walk you through all six phases and assist you conform to the FAA SMS standard. Inexperienced operators will spend at least 1300 labor hours to establish the planning and training, which can take up to three years to complete.

If you would like a professional implementation, our team can provide a full turn-key program in about one-third of the time you will spend internally. That is because I have implemented hundreds of programs in all types of industries, including aviation.

customized programs

There are several options to consider when implementing

your SMS or IS-BAO program. Some operators have the

staff and the experience to self-implement and may only need some training assistance. Others, will need planning

and project management support. And still others, will need a fit-for-purpose (turn-key) implementation.

The important thing to understand is that the SMS and IS-BAO are performance based  standards that have a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of how they are implemented and managed.


Our team has implemented hundreds of programs in all types of operations so I know how long it takes, and precisely what it cost to complete the six phases required. If you are considering certification, contact me for a no-obligation proposal and detailed project outline.

Collaborative management program

This service is like having a full time safety expert on your payroll without the drama .


SMS initial and recurrent training, SMS Auditor training, SMS for Managers.


SMS planning, development and implementation for FBO and MRO'S.

PART 91 & 135

SMS for corporate operators, IS-BAO audits, IASE, and managed sms programs.

PART 121

SMS for airlines that includes training, manuals, implementation plans.

PART 139

SMS implementation plans, training, manuals, and project management for airports.