Virtual SMS Confirmation of Conformity Program


The challenge for many operators is validating their SMS programs since there currently is no formal certification process in place. The FAA's SMS framework (standard) has not been certified by the international standards organization (ISO) or other standards boards to date. While the FAA's SMS standard is robust and concise, the only way operators will know if they are complying with the standard will be through the self-declaration method established in the ISO 9001 standard.

Most companies who have made the investment in  QMS or SMS programs, understand the importance of keeping their programs tuned-up and current so they get their programs reviewed each year and find the SCOC program an affordable way to do that.

The CONFIRMATION OF CONFORMITY DECLARATION is a structured approach that uses the latest in virtual technology in place of an on-site audit. I have extensive experience with aviation SMS and that experience allows me to provide you an honest and objective assessment of your program. The process includes personnel interviews, documentation review and update, manual review and update, hazard registry review as well as an ERP update.Your SMS will be evaluated following the FAA's Part 5 regulation and any areas that need attention receive a detailed corrective action plan. As part of the SCOC service, you will receive a free 12-month subscription to my basic SMS support program, that fully manages the administrative part of your SMS. That includes safety training bulletins, internal audit protocols and everything you need to fully benefit from your system. 

Having spent years providing IS-BAO audits, we had developed a Virtual audit program long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. Recently, IBAC, the parent company of the IS-BAO standard, has moved to adopt virtual audits using the same basic methodology that we adopted years ago, (See below).


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