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Hello and welcome. My name is John Davisson and I've been working with aviation SMS and QMS for more than 16 years now, after retiring from a 25 year flying career that included airline, corporate flight and maintenance operations. 

Early in 2004 I was fortunate to partner with an experienced SMS provider who had been working with SMS outside of aviation for decades, so I quickly learned how the program is supposed to work. At that time, there were very few people in the FAA or industry for that matter, who knew anything about safety management systems, so you might say, I was at the right place at the right time.

When the ICAO issued their SMS mandate in 2006, my phone started ringing and didn't stop for the next 10 years. I've worked with hundreds of flight departments, maintenance facilities and airports to adopt and implement the SMS program that meets the current standard (AC120-92C), while providing a broad spectrum of affordable support programs.

From hundreds of implementations, I quickly realized the real challenge in achieving the goals and objectives of the new framework was in simplifying the reporting process so operators could fully benefit from the system. I developed and customized support programs for companies for a fraction of the cost they were spending on managing their SMS in-house. All the while, providing oversight, continuous training and confirmation of conformity audits that ensures operators maintain a successful safety culture.

Today, I spend most of my time handling the administrative, training and auditing side of SMS for some of the best flight departments in the world, many have been with me since 2006, which tells me I must be providing some real value and benefit to their organizations. Those partnerships have endured because I love what I do and it shows in the level of support I provide.

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