Specializing in Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems since 2004

I provide clients with multiple SMS,QMS and EMS support programs that ensure they are meeting industry standards, but more importantly, that operators  are getting the most from their system by simplifying and clarifying policies, procedures and processes. That leads to enhanced performance and efficacy, which ultimately means higher levels of productivity and effectiveness, while minimizing environmental impacts throughout the organization. That's good for the company and the planet.


I have been involved with aviation SMS since the beginning and a decade before that working with non-aviation SMS programs, so I understand what it takes to successfully make the transition to the policies and procedures of the SMS framework. Before aviation SMS, there was the OHSAS standard that was used by industry long before the FAA and ICAO moved to adopt it in the original Advisory Circular found in AC120-92 that mirrored that standard.  Since then, minor changes have been made to the standard that are specifically suited to aviation risks and hazards, but the fundamental goals remain the same:

Achieve Continuous Improvement and build a culture of safety throughout the entire operation. 

I have assisted hundreds of operators develop and implement their programs using the current standard, while providing initial training and guidance that ensures conformity to the standard and an effective program, (Airports follow guidance provided in AC150/5200-37, while the airlines and other flight departments use  AC120-92B). I've worked extensively with both frameworks and can provide any level of service and support needed, from turn-key project management programs to manual development, training and program management. 

From that experience, I have learned what it takes to implement and manage the systems effectively and cost efficiently, and that translates into substantial cost and time savings with less disruption and distraction to normal operational duties and responsibilities.

The FAA has done the analysis and knows it takes about 1300 labor hours to get your basic program in print. Training your team and implementing your program is  not part of that calculation, so add another 1000 hours and you will have a pretty good idea of how long this project can take. ​I can do the entire program in about 250 hours, which is a lot better than 2300 hours.

My value proposition is simple: I will provide you a conforming program that is effective and simple to use, that minimizes operational disruption and ensures full participation from all members of your team. And should you require additional support, I offer the following programs that provide full administrative and training support:

The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) is a fully managed solution that ensures conformity and performance standards are maintained, while reducing administrative workload and automating your reporting process. I collect data and generate reports, while monitoring your operational performance for trends that could impact safety in the future. I provide continuous training bulletins and survey personnel to ensure safety awareness remains high and morale levels are positive. I assist with quarterly internal audit protocols that ensures standard conformity, and you receive a robust annual safety evaluation and confirmation of conformity declaration that ensures you are conforming and complying to industry best practices.

The Independent Aviation Safety Evaluation (IASE) gives aviation service providers the most comprehensive confirmation of conformity program available to non-certified operators, while ensuring that industry best practices and standards are being met. The primary goal of the IASE program is to  improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your department's policies and procedures as they relate to your safety and quality systems. The program is not a pass or fail audit, but a team effort to enhance and simplify your processes, so you get the full value and benefit an effective management system can provide.

The SMS Confirmation of Conformity Program (SCOC) provides operators a detailed and concise audit that ensures your SMS is conforming to latest standard. The program uses the latest audiovisual technology that simplifies the entire process, while reducing the disruption and distraction an onsite audit entails. Very effective and affordable.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) is another option for operators who wish to establish a detailed Quality Management System (QMS) that is recognized worldwide. I provide initial and renewal certification audits for operators who have chosen this standard and can also provide implementation support for new operators to the program.

​My company has been providing safety and quality services since 2004, with the goal of delivering added value and benefits that go far beyond a conformity audit. My loyal client base is made up of a broad range of operators, from Fortune 500 companies operating jet fleets, to single pilot operators and everything in between. With 30-plus years of flight and maintenance experience, I understand the demands of corporate aviation, which puts me in a unique position to assist you get the most from your SMS and QMS efforts, so you can focus on what you do best.

After hundreds of SMS implementations and managing dozens of department programs for more than a decade, I've learned that the most important predictor of success with regard to an effective SMS and QMS is team cohesion and team participation. In the right hands, those programs are highly effective tools that improve hazard awareness while raising morale and building ownership. In the wrong hands, they may provide a false sense of security and that can lead to lost opportunities, poor results and worse. If you want to get the most from your management programs, I would love to work with you.

"SMS is all about decision-making. Thus it has to be a decision-maker's tool, not a traditional safety program separate and distinct from business and operational decision making. Safety beings from both the top down and the bottom up. Everyone from the receptionist, ramp worker, pilot, manager, and FAA inspector has a role to perform", (FAA). 

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