Regardless of your current SMS or QMS performance level, we can enhance and support your efforts to get the most from your programs by providing customized management and training programs that simplify the process, ensuring you achieve the goals of the system.


  ...Specializing in Safety and Quality Management Audit Programs for Aviation Service Providers since 2004


​​​​​​​​​​The Independent Aviation Safety Evaluation provides aviation service providers the most comprehensive confirmation of conformity program available to non-certified operators, while ensuring that industry best practices and standards are being met. The primary goal of the IASE program is to  improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your department's policies and procedures as they relate to your safety and quality systems. The program is not a pass or fail audit, but a team effort to enhance and simplify your processes, so you get the full value and benefit an effective management system can provide.

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your organization's conformity to the SMS or QMS Standard
  • A detailed review and update of your policies, procedures and documentation found in your Company Operations Manual
  • We update and tune-up your management system, while providing enhancements that simplify the process
  • We also provide 12-months of complete SMS-QMS collaboration services that are included in your audit package
  • Completion of the IASE often results in lower insurance premiums or enhanced support from your insurance carrier

For operators seeking initial or renewal IS-BAO certification, we can provide a robust evaluation service that validates your conformity to the standard, but more importantly, provides an opportunity to tune-up your processes, so you get the most from your SMS.

Our company has been providing safety and quality audits since 2004, with the goal of delivering added value and benefits that go far beyond a conformity audit. Our loyal client base is made up of a broad range of operators, from Fortune 500 companies operating fleets, to single pilot operators and everything in between. With 30-plus years of flight and maintenance experience, our team understands the demands of corporate aviation, which puts us in a unique position to assist you simplify and clarify the goals of the program, so you can focus on what you do best.

After hundreds of SMS implementations and managing dozens of department programs for more than a decade, we've learned that the most important predictor of success with regard to an effective SMS is team cohesion and team participation. In the right hands, the SMS is a highly effective tool that improves hazard awareness, raises morale and builds ownership. In the wrong hands, the SMS may provide a false sense of security and that can lead to lost opportunities and poor results. If you are interested in getting the most from your SMS & QMS programs, we would love to work with you.

"SMS is all about decision-making. Thus it has to be a decision-maker's tool, not a traditional safety program separate and distinct from business and operational decision making. Safety beings from both the top down and the bottom up. Everyone from the receptionist, ramp worker, pilot, manager, and FAA inspector has a role to perform", (FAA). 

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