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Safety and Quality Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers


Our company has been assisting aviation service providers make the transition to SMS since 2004 and that hands-on experience has taught us a few things about what it takes to achieve an effective implementation. To be most effective, think of the SMS as a standardized tool that offers policies and procedures to manage risks by identifying hazards and mitigating those hazards to a reasonable level. 

It really is that simple. Of course, you can make it as complicated as you want, but fundamentally that is the primary purpose of the program, identify and mitigate hazards to a level that is As Low As Reasonably Practical, (ALARP). The other goal of the program is to build a culture of safety and achieve continuous improvement, simple as that. To make it even easier, how you achieve that is largely up to you.

Which is where we come in. We've built and implemented hundreds of programs, that's the easy part. The more challenging aspect is getting everyone to buy-in to the mind-set that is required to achieve a truly effective SMS. The requisite shared attitude is this: Everyone is equally responsible and accountable for the success or failure of the program. In other words, you will need to spend some time training your team to fully understand their roles and participation is crucial to the success of the SMS. 

Our value is in getting you to level 4 of the FAA's maturity ladder (see above) by performing the following tasks:

  • We start by ensuring your SMS meets the standard 
  • We provide initial SMS training for all personnel and set up an efficient reporting system
  • We establish your FOQA, ASAP, LOSA and Internal Evaluation Programs
  • We design your Safety Performance Indicators and establish data collection protocolsT
  • We ensure your four pillars (Policy, SRM, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion) are effective
  • Finally, we will ensure your SMS is effective and fully integrated into your existing culture of safety

Having assisted hundreds of aviation service providers integrate and adopt the SMS into their operations, we have learned that the most important predictors of success are team cohesion and the desire to be the best they can be. In the right hands, the SMS is a highly effective tool that improves hazard awareness, raises morale and builds ownership. In the wrong hands, the SMS may provide a false sense of security and overconfidence that can lead to lost opportunities and poor results.

If you are interested in being the best and getting the most from your SMS, we would love to work with you.

"SMS is all about decision-making. Thus it has to be a decision-maker's tool, not a traditional safety program separate and distinct from business and operational decision making. Safety beings from both the top down and the bottom up. Everyone from the receptionist, ramp worker, pilot, manager, and FAA inspector has a role to perform", (FAA). 

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